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Do you have your own business and are you looking for a simple way to set up a reliable business network? Or is it time to expand your existing network but you are not sure how to?
Sitecom will get you started. We are happy to show you how you can set up or expand a business network quickly and without the support of an IT specialist. Discover how you can do this.

Solution: Sitecom ForBusiness

Sitecom ForBusiness

Do you own a small business and want to benefit from a high quality and reliable network? With Sitecom, you can easily create your own business network. The ForBusiness solutions are ideal for small businesses without an IT specialist since technical knowledge and expertise are not a must for the installation. Sitecom ForBusiness offers simplicity and usability for your business network, in addition to reliable performance.

Advantages of Sitecom ForBusiness

Sitecom ForBusiness offers the following benefits:

Simple installation

Get started without any hassle. Setting up a professional network is not only limited to IT specialists these days. Powerful network performance and flexibility, but without the complexity.

Non-technical language

We don’t speak in terms of bits and bytes. We make it simple to select a solution. In addition, our manuals guide you step by step with clear illustrations through the world of business networks.

10-year warranty

Reliability is essential. You have to rely on optimum and reliable performance for your business network, not only today but also tomorrow. That's why we offer a 10-year warranty on our ForBusiness solutions.

Forbussiness producten

Wireless Gigabit VPN Router N300 | WLR-4002B

Connect your business securely to the Internet. Create a reliable network that is accessible externally via the Internet. Flexibility for employees to work in any location desired. Keep your employees mobile, connected and productive!

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Wireless Ceiling PoE Access Point N300 | WLX-3000B

Simply add an (extra) wireless hotspot to your wired or wireless network. Optimal range across several floors. The Access Point can be placed on the ceiling and fits in harmoniously with the surroundings.

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Network Giga Switches

Connect and share computers, printers and servers at your workplace. Powerful Gigabit performance and flexibility for business networks; without configuration and software.

19” Network Giga Switch 24 port | LN-143B

Using this Network Giga Switch 24 Port, you can connect up to 24 devices to the Gigabit network. The switch is suitable for a 19" rack and is delivered with all the necessary brackets and screws.

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19” Network Giga Switch 16 port | LN-142B

The Network Giga Switch 16 Port makes it possible to connect up to 16 devices to the Gigabit network. The switch is suitable for a 19" rack and is delivered with all the necessary brackets and screws.

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Network Giga Switch 8 port | LN-141B

Connect up to 8 devices to the Gigabit network and share files and peripheral equipment with all connected users.

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Network Giga Switch 5 port | LN-140B

Using the Network Giga Switch 5 Port, you can connect up to 5 devices to the Gigabit network.

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ForBusiness, for me

In the rapidly changing IT landscape, it is sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees. Sitecom helps you to choose the right solutions for your business network.

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