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I want internet in my garden and/or loft. How do I improve my range?

You already have wireless Internet, but range is poor in some places in your house, such as in the garden or attic. You can easily extend the range of your wireless Internet.

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2 easy solutions to improve your wireless range

Wi-Fi Homeplug | LN-555 stap 1

Wireless Internet via the powerline

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Why choose a homeplug?

  • Maximum flexibility; turn any power socket into a wireless hotspot
  • Fast and stable Internet anywhere in the house
  • Easily create a homeplug network with a dual-pack; add extra homeplugs to extend your network at any time
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How does a Wi-Fi homeplug improve the range of my wireless network?

Turn any power socket into a wireless hotspot and connect devices wirelessly. With a Wi-Fi homeplug you can use your home’s electrical wiring to connect devices to the Internet.

Homeplugs are fast, safe and easy!

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Wi-Fi Range Extender N300 | WLX-2006 stap 2

Easily extend the range of your Wi-Fi network


Why choose a Range Extender?

  • Wireless Internet anywhere in your house
  • Space saving design; simply plug into a power outlet
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How does a range extender improve the range of my wireless network?

With a range extender you can improve the range of your existing wireless network. Simply position the Range Extender somewhere where you still have a good Wi-Fi signal and it will boost it.

This way, you can eliminate dead spots and enjoy wireless internet everywhere in your home.

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