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I want secure internet for all my devices.

These days, every family household has a variety of devices connected to the internet through a home network, such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones. With Sitecom Cloud Security, you can secure all these devices at once against cybercrime. Find out how you can protect all your family members against online threats.

Solution: A (modem) router with Sitecom Cloud SecurityOnline protection against viruses & phishing

One solution for all your home devices

Not only are the number of devices that we use to access the internet drastically increasing, but so too are the number of online threats. How do you protect your notebook, iPad, smart TV and game consoles from these dangers? Protect all of your home devices now with one simple solution: a (modem) router with Sitecom Cloud Security.

Online security doesn't need to be complicated

Sitecom Cloud Security provides simplicity and ease when it comes to the complicated world of antivirus solutions. The service offers the following benefits:

  • No complicated licensing
    We don't do complicated licensing. One solution protects everything in a flash.
  • No tedious software installation
    Automatic activation when you connect to the internet with your new Sitecom (modem) router for the first time.
  • No pressure on your devices
    The malware database is stored in the Cloud, not on your PC. Maximum protection without putting any pressure on your devices.
  • No software updates
    Say goodbye to software updates on all your different devices. The Cloud updates automatically.

Maximum protection with one solution

Sitecom Cloud Security has been developed in collaboration with the Dutch security specialist SurfRight, best known for their acclaimed HitmanPro software. Sitecom Cloud Security offers a range of innovative technologies that are vital when it comes to protecting you. Surfright

Four virus scanners instead of one

4 virusscanners All internet traffic is scanned simultaneously by not one, but four leading virus scanners. Together, the four renowned virus scanners provide complete protection against the latest and most sophisticated internet threats.

Working together with around 40 partners

The Cloud receives a constant feed of new information. Every month, more than 1,000,000 new virus signatures are added. We work with around 40 internet security partners to counteract these. Together we stand strong.

User community

All Sitecom Cloud Security users directly contribute to optimising protection. If a Sitecom Cloud Security user comes across an unknown download, it is scanned in the Cloud at a lightning-fast speed by a patented scanning system.

If high-risk data is discovered, a warning will be flagged up. Moreover, this information is shared so that all other users are protected too.

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What does Sitecom Cloud Security offer protection against?

Surf the internet with full piece of mind. Protect yourself and your family against online dangers. Sitecom Cloud Security offers protection against a wide range of threats.

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Don't just safeguard your security, protect your online privacy too!

Many sites track your online behaviour and sell this data to advertisers. Thanks to the Do-not-track function, you can now specify that you do not want to be followed and that you want to keep your surfing behaviour private.


Sitecom Cloud Security:
facts & figures

  • 130.000 new viruses every day
  • 9.500 new harmful websites every day
  • 50.000 new phishing website every month

Sitecom Cloud Security has already blocked threats for 85,1% of users.

42,5% of new users are faced with a threat that is blocked by Cloud Security within 5 days.

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