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I want wireless Internet.

You have an Internet connection to your computer via a cable. Now you would prefer wireless Internet for your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Easily find out which solution is best for you then.

Solution: (modem) router for wireless Internet

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Why a (modem) router?
Share wireless Internet

With a Sitecom (Modem) Router you create a wireless network in an instant. As the heart of your wireless home network a (modem) router makes it possible to wirelessly share Internet, files and devices such as a printer or hard disk. All Sitecom (modem) routers are pre secured with a unique wireless password and thanks to the easy installation you can get online safely within a heartbeat. Wireless


Do I need a router or modem router?

You need a router if you have received a modem from your Internet service provider. This is often the case when you have a cable Internet connection. A modem router is directly connected to your ADSL telephone line so you do not require a separate modem.

Router or Modem Router

Which (modem) router is the best for me?

Sitecom has different types of (modem) routers; something for everyone. If you are a hardcore gamer you have different requirements for your network than if you would only use the internet for surfing and e-mail. Easily find the model that suits your needs.

Comparison X6 router X6 router X6 modem router X3 router X6 router X3 modem router X4 router X5 modem router X5 router X4 modem router


Easy installation

  • Easy setup without software configuration; get online in just a few minutes!
  • Pre-set security with a unique wireless password

Online protection against viruses & phishing

  • The X3, X4, X5 and X6 (modem) routers come with Sitecom Cloud Security
  • Sitecom Cloud Security offers online protection against viruses, malware, phishing, malicious websites (URL blocking) and unwanted advertisements
  • Sitecom Cloud Security protects all devices connected to the (modem) router. Protect not only your notebook or desktop PC but also your tablet, game console, media player, etc.

Watch the video about Sitecom Cloud Security on YouTube.

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