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Making the most out of your home network just got a whole lot easier. The free MyWiFi app provides real-time network information and easy access to cool and popular features on your Sitecom (modem) router. MyWiFi on iTunes appstore

MyWiFi App Features


Wi-Fi Settings

Too hard to remember those long and complicated Wi-Fi passwords? Easily customize your Wi-Fi names and passwords with the app.

  • Turn your Wi-Fi and your Wi-Fi security on/off
  • Access and update your network names and passwords

Guest network settings

Easily setup a guest network so that you can offer your friends secure internet access without exposing your network.

  • Turn your guest network and guest network security on/off
  • Access and update your guest network names and passwords

Sitecom Cloud Security

Sitecom Cloud Security offers protection against viruses, phishing, malicious websites (URL blocking) and software vulnerabilities (Exploits) and allows you to block advertisements and website tracking.

  • Turn Sitecom Cloud Security on/off
  • Activate/deactivate Sitecom Cloud Security features

Firmware updates

Upgrading your (modem) router firmware is now a walk in the park. All you need is your tablet or smartphone and the MyWiFi app to keep your (modem) router up-to-date.

  • Access firmware information (current firmware)
  • Check for available firmware updates and update immediately
  • Activate/deactivate new firmware notifications

Update login password

Your login password is the key to your router. Make sure to keep it to yourself and update it easily if necessary.

  • Change your login password for the app / browser-based installation menu (GUI)

Share Wi-Fi password

Friends and family coming over? Easily share Wi-Fi and guest network passwords to give them access to your Internet connection

  • Create a unique QR-code containing network name and password
  • Let a friend scan the QR-code and get instant access


The (modem) router needs to be rebooted but you don’t feel like getting up? No problem, simply reboot from the comfort of your couch.

  • Reboot your (Modem) Router with one push of a button

Connection status

Not sure if your (modem) router is installed correctly? Run the connection test and get feedback right away.

  • Check if your (modem) router is connected to the internet
  • Access information such as the product code, product name, firmware version and up-time.

USB settings

Is your (modem) router equipped with one or more USB ports? Easily switch between Net-USB or Samba Server mode.

  • Net-USB mode: use the USB port as a virtual USB port of one of the computers in your network
  • Samba Server mode: connect hard discs to the USB port and share stored files within your home network.

Wi-Fi Analyzer - Android only

Check the quality of the current Wi-Fi connection between the router and the device

  • Check the quality of the current Wi-Fi connection between the router and the device
  • Receive tips how to improve the connection if you’re in an out-of-reach area

Network map - Android only

Stay in control of your home network!

  • Check which devices have been connected to the router within the past week and which devices are connected right now
  • Get the device info such as the type of device and physical MAC-address.

Setup Wizard - Modem Routers only

Bye bye installation CD’s: Access the setup wizard from the app and setup your internet connection from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Follow the easy steps to configure your internet connection
  Exper mode  

Expert mode - Routers only

You want to customize your home network and router settings even more? No problem, simply enter the expert mode get access to the full Router GUI.


How to get started with a router

  • Make sure you have a compatible device
    Greyhound | AC2600 Wi-Fi Router
    WLR-8100 | AC1750 Router X8 (v1001 / v1002) 
    WLR-7100 | AC1200 Router X7 (v1001 / v1002) 
    WLR-6100 | N900 Router X6 (v1001 / v1002) 
    WLR-5100 | N600 Router X5 (v1001 / v1002)
    WLR-4100 | N300 Router X4 (v1001 / v1002) 
    WLR-3100 | N300 Router X3 (v2002 / v2003) 

  • Equip your router with the latest firmware
  • Download the app & login with your router password

    MyWiFi on iTunes appstore      

How to get started with a Modem-router

  • Make sure you have a compatible device
    WLM-7600 | AC1600 VDSL2/ADSL Wi-Fi Modem Router
    WLM-6600 | N900 Wi-Fi Modem Router X6
    WLM-5600 | N600 Wi-Fi Modem Router X5
    WLM-4601 | N300 Wi-Fi Modem Router X4
    WLM-4600 | N300 Wi-Fi Modem Router X4
    WLM-3600 | N300 Wi-Fi Modem Router X3
    WLM-3610B | N300 Wi-Fi Modem Router X3
    WLM-2600 | N300 Wi-Fi Modem Router
  • Download the app & login with your modem router password

    MyWiFi on iTunes appstore       
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