Sitecom Cloud Security


Why Cloud Security?

Not only is the number of devices that we use to access the internet drastically increasing, but so too are the number of online threats.

  • 200.000+
    new malicious programs each day
  • 1.000.000+
    malicious Android apps
  • 700.000+
    computers running under Mac OS X were part of a botnet in 2012

With Sitecom Cloud Security you add an extra layer of protection to your home network. And because we have included the protection in the router, it works as a central protection shield for every device, no matter what operating system!

Every device
We don´t want to make you choose how many devices you can afford to protect. Sitecom Cloud Security automatically protects all devices in your home network.

If you own it, you can protect it, with one easy license.

Every operating system
With Sitecom Cloud Security, it doesn´t matter if you have an iPad or an Android tablet, a Windows computer or a MacBook.

Because the protection comes from the router and the cloud, it doesn´t matter what operating system you use.

How does it work?

Sitecom Cloud Security uses a unique hybrid protection approach, combining powerful security software running on your router and the real-time efficiency of the cloud.

Prevention system

Sitecom Cloud Security's smart prevention technology stops threats before they can get to your devices. It works as a website and download safety advisor. Every website and every file that you download gets checked and we will warn you if we detect an unsafe website or malicious download.


It is often difficult for a single antivirus provider to keep up with the increasing number of threats. This is why Sitecom Cloud Security does not just work with 1 but with 3 antivirus providers to increase the protection for you!

Sitecom Cloud Security builds on high-ranking anti-malware technology from Bitdefender, Kaspersky and HitmanPro to offer an increased malware detection rate.


Community protection

Sitecom Cloud Security instantly converts every new threat encountered by any member of the community into protection for everyone. When a new threat is detected and identified, that information is used to protect the rest of the Sitecom Cloud Security community from encountering it, too.

Real-time protection

With Sitecom Cloud Security you can forget about constant virus signature updates. As all the information is in the cloud and not on your router or computer, your protection is always up to date. Plus, it won’t slow down your devices.

Working with 40+ security parties

The Cloud receives a constant feed of new information. Every month, more than 1,000,000 new virus signatures are added. We work with around 40 internet security partners to counteract these. Together we stand strong.


What´s included?

Staying safe online is about more than just protecting your PC from viruses. You have other devices like tablets and there are many more dangers and annoyances when you are online.

What's included Sitecom Cloud Security offers the following services:

Anti-Virus Protection

Warns you when you are about to download a malicious file such as a computer virus, a worms, a Trojan, spyware, a rootkit, adware and others.

Anti-Phishing Protection

Warns you when you click links in e-mails, on websites or on your Facebook newsfeed that lead to fraudulent sites trying to steal your personal information, credit card data or personal logins.


Warns you when you are about to open an unsafe websites that is known to spread malware and infect your computer


Protects you when you are on a trusted website that got hacked and blocks attacks that try to gain control over your PC or steal your personal data by exploiting vulnerabilities within your web browser or other applications.

Botnet-Warning System

Warns you when one of your devices has become part of a botnet-network. When this occurs, your computer has been turned into “zombie” that can send out spam email messages, spread viruses, attack computers and other kinds of crime and fraud , without you knowing it.

Advertising Blocker

Keeps your browser free from ads coming from ad-server. Ad-servers are often infected with malware as the content is displayed on thousands of websites. Blocking this content is not only safer, websites also load faster since unnecessary content does not have to be downloaded.

Do not track-functionality

Many sites track your online behavior and sell this data to advertisers. Thanks to the Do-not-track function, you can now specify that you do not want to be followed and that you want to keep your surfing behavior private.

Which products support Cloud Security?

Sitecom Cloud Security is available with selected routers and modem router from Sitecom. With the purchase of one of the following models, you will receive a free six month trial.

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