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We know about the everyday challenges you face with your Wi-Fi at home. How do you extend the range of your Wi-Fi to all areas of your house? What do you need to set up a secure wireless network? Pick a situation and see how easily it can be solved.

I want Wi-Fi on the go

When you go on vacation you enjoy to stay connected to your friends and family, no matter if it is a quick e-mail or sharing photos and statuses on social networks. However, roaming costs still add up and free Wi-Fi is not always available. Find out how you can use Wi-Fi on the go and avoid roaming costs.

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I want to connect devices wirelessly and get rid of messy cables

You have a TV, a set-top box, game console or a Blu-ray player with a network connection but you would like to be flexible where you place it and don’t have to run network cables through your whole house. Find out how can easily get rid of messy cables and connect your devices wirelessly.

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I want Wi-Fi everywhere in and around my house

You have a Wi-Fi router but the range is poor. In some places of your house such as the attic, the basement or the garden the signal is very weak and you loose the connection. Find out how you can easily extend the range of your Wi-Fi network and enjoy wireless Internet anywhere you want.

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I want faster wireless Internet.

You have a Wi-Fi router but find it too slow. You have to wait a long time for videos to load, experience hitches during FaceTime conversations, and backing up to the cloud takes forever. Find out how you can make use of the fastest Wi-Fi ever by upgrading to a router with 802.11ac-technology.

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I want wireless Internet.

You have an older modem at home that connects to your PC or notebook via a cable. But you would like to make your connection wireless and connect your new tablet and Smartphone. Find out which Wi-Fi router you should get to start of your Wi-Fi network.

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I want secure internet for all my devices

Everyone in your family goes online with your own device. Do you have all of these devices protected against viruses and phishing? Does everyone in the family recognize threats? Find out how you can easily protect every device in your home network with Sitecom Cloud Security.

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I want to setup a Wi-Fi network for my small business

Do you have your own business and are you looking for a simple way to set up a reliable office network? Find out how you can set up or expand a business network quickly and without the support of an IT specialist.

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