Turn your Android device
into a remote control

Enjoy all the functionalities of a standard remote and more
directly on the virtual remote interface of your Android device.





  • Control your Sitecom MD-273 Network TV Media Player or MD-272 HDD TV Media Player with your Android device

  • Get easier access to your digital media library

  • Browse and control your content in an easy and intuitive way thanks to the one touch control, virtual keyboard and shuffle mode

  • Simply download the free App from the Android Store and enjoy



One Touch Control


Browse and select your favourite media with simple gestures like taps and swipes that you are already familiar with.




Virtual Keyboard


Use the virtual keyboard to type text quickly whenever you are required to enter text, for example when searching for content on YouTube.






Shake your phone to randomly play a song, shake again to shuffle to the next song.




Frequently Asked Questions


Which devices can I control with the remote app?
The Sitecom Media Remote was developed to remotely control the Sitecom MD-273 Network TV Media Player and MD-272 HDD Network TV Media Player.


The Media Remote App is not detecting my media player. How do I connect?
For the Sitecom Media Remote on your iPhone / iPod touch / iPad to communicate with the media player, both devices need to be in the same network. Please follow these simple steps:


1. Connect your Android device to your wireless network
2. Make sure your media player is connected to the same network. Choose one of the following methods:
a) Connect the media player to your wireless network via a Wireless Network Adapter
b) Connect the media player via cable to the (modem) router


Which Android version do I need to use the Sitecom Media Remote?
The Sitecom Media Remote requires Android 2.1 and higher


Does the app need a lot of storage space?
We have made the file size of this app as small as possible. With only 1.4 MB you won’t have trouble finding some space on your Android phone or tablet.


How do I access the virtual keyboard?
The virtual keyboard pops up every time you need to type something. For example if you would like to search for a specific video with the YouTube app on your Sitecom TV Media Player, the virtual keyboard is very helpful for typing text.

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