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Homeplug 200 Mbps Dual Pack | LN-515

LN-515 € 64,99






  • Are the 200 Mbps compatible with 85 Mbps models?

    No, the 200 Mbps homeplugs are not backwards compatible with 85 Mbps homeplugs.

  • Are the Sitecom homeplugs compatible with homeplugs from other brands?

    All Sitecom 200 Mbps and 500 Mbps homeplugs conform to the HomePlug AV standard. All homeplugs that conform to this standard can communicate with each other. The Sitecom 85 Mbps homeplugs conform to the HomePlug 1.0 standard. All devices that meet this standard can work together.

  • What is the energy consumption of a homeplug?

    Sitecom homeplugs have a low power design and the energy use is < 6W. All Sitecom homeplugs feature a power saving function to reduce energy consumption by approximately 60%. The homeplug automatically switches to stand-by mode when the connected device is turned off.

  • Is my homeplug network secure?

    All Sitecom homeplugs are equipped with a security button that once pushed, establishes a safe network connection instantly and protects the network thoroughly from misuse.

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