Sitecom extends the Smart Living Line with 'plus socket' homeplugs

Sitecom introduces ‘plus socket’ homeplugs as part of the Smart Living Line, that let users share their home network via the powerline without laying any cables and connect additional devices such as a Desktop PC or Smart TV without losing the availability of the electrical socket. The ‘plus socket’ homeplugs are available with a transfer speed of 200 Mbps or 500 Mbps and come either as single or dual pack.

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), October 2011 - Sitecom expands its Smart Living Line with a series of ‘plus socket’ homeplugs that let the user extend his home network to other areas of the house via the powerline without losing the availability of the electrical socket. As more and more devices such as Smart TVs and game consoles can be connected to the Internet, home networks expand considerably. With homeplugs, new devices can be connected to the home network in the blink of an eye, without laying any cables. The ‘plus socket’ homeplugs feature an integrated power socket, allowing the user to connect devices such as a Smart TV or Desktop PC through the homeplug with the electrical wiring.


Speed: 500 Mbps and 200 Mbps
The series of ‘plus socket’ homeplugs includes adapters that support the new maximum speed of 500 Mbps and models that offer a transfer speed of up to 200 Mbps. The LN-508 Homeplug 500 Mbps plus socket and the LN-518 Homeplug 500 Mbps plus socket dual pack support a transfer speed of up to 500 Mbps, ideal for heavy internet users who want to stream audio and video files or have high-speed internet at home. The LN-506 Homeplug 200 Mbps plus socket and the LN-516 Homeplug 200 Mbps plus socket dual pack support a transfer speed of up to 200 Mbps ideal for e-mailing, browsing and sharing documents.

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Single and dual packs

The ‘plus socket’ homeplugs are offered in a single and dual pack. With a dual pack like the LN-516 and LN-518 users can easily create a network via the electrical wiring. The single packs LN-506 and LN-508 let the user expand his existing powerline network.

Security button
All of the ‘plus socket’ homeplug models are equipped with a security button that once pushed, establishes a safe network connection instantly and protects the network thoroughly from misuse.

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Power saving function

All the ‘plus socket’ homeplugs are equipped with a power saving function that reduces the energy consumption by approximately 60%. The homeplug automatically switches to stand-by mode when the connected devices are turned off.

Smart Living Line
The ‘plus socket’ homeplugs are part of Sitecom’s Smart Living Line, which was developed from a non-technical perspective with the focus on the needs of end users. The concept of user-friendliness is fully applied from packaging, to product features and services offered. The ‘plus socket’ homeplugs come equipped with the necessary network cables so that the user can connect his devices right away. Accordingly, the dual packs come with two network cables and the single packs come with one.

The ‘plus socket’ homeplugs are available now and come with the extensive 10-year Sitecom warranty.

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