Sitecom introduces a Plus Switch Homeplug

Sitecom extends its Smart Living line with the new LN-509 Homeplug Plus Switch 500 Mbps. With this homeplug the user can share an internet connection with multiple users via the powerline and simultaneously connect three networking devices.

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), October 2011 - Sitecom introduces the LN-509, a plus switch homeplug that comes equipped with three network ports that let the user connect up to three network devices such as a Smart TV, a Blu-Ray player and a game console at the same time. The new member of the Smart Living line offers an efficient solution for extending a high speed network to other areas in the house via the powerline without the need to lay cables. The LN-509 Homeplug Plus Switch 500 Mbps supports transfer speeds of up to 500 Mbps, ideal for heavy internet users who want to stream audio and video files or use other demanding media applications. Like all the Sitecom homeplugs, the LN-509 is equipped with a security button that once pushed, establishes a safe network connection instantly and protects the network thoroughly from misuse. The LN-509 also features a power saving function that helps the user to reduce energy consumption by approximately 60%. The homeplug automatically switches to stand-by mode when the connected devices are turned off.


rrp 79,99,-

High speed internet
The LN-509 Homeplug Plus Switch 500 Mbps delivers the perfect solution for users who want to share a home network via the powerline and look for fast data transfer. The LN-509 supports the new maximum speed of 500 Mbps and is ideal for high-speed internet and demanding media applications such as streaming HD videos, downloading media files and online gaming.

Explanation & support
“We see that powerline networks are gaining popularity. At the same time there is a large group of users that does not know that a homeplug could be a solution to their network problem or do not believe it is really so simple. This is why we have put tremendous effort into providing explanation & support during the development of this new series”, explains Virginia Yanquilevich, Sitecom Chief Marketing Officer. “Through the use of clear illustrations and pictures we explain how homeplugs work as well as the advantage of certain specifications such as plus switch’. We also provide clear labels and a comparison chart to help the consumer make a choice.”

The LN-509 Homeplug Plus Switch 500 Mbps is available and comes with the extensive 10-year Sitecom warranty.

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