Universal remote control for Sitecom Network Media Player

Sitecom supplies the MD-273 Network TV Media Player and the MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB with a universal remote control. With this remote control, the end-user has complete control over both his media player and his TV in the palm of his hand.

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), August 2012 - Sitecom provides the MD-273 Network TV Media Player and the MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB with a universal remote control that has a Qwerty keyboard and shortcuts for an optimal user experience. With the universal remote control, the end-user not only has complete control over his media player, but over his TV as well. With more than 1,700 supported TV brands, the user can be sure that the universal remote control will work with his TV. The end-user can connect the remote control to the TV in five easy steps and, with one solution, zap to favourite channels, adjust the volume and gain access to all digital films with just a push of the button.

The Qwerty keyboard allows for easy text typing, to search for specific media files and to simply browse from the couch. Thanks to the shortcuts, the end-user has immediate access to all his digital films, photos, music and online apps with a simple push of the button. The remote control has user-friendly buttons that are logically distributed, so everyone in the family can easily find the right function. Thanks to the 3 infra-red sensors, the remote control provides a good range and the end-user does not have to point this to the media player or TV to operate the device.


In addition to the universal remote control, Sitecom supplies the Media Remote App at no extra charge with the Network Media Players. The app is available in both the App Store and Google Play and transforms a mobile solution such as an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone, into a virtual remote control. This way, users can page through the files in a simple and intuitive manner and operate the media players with the 'One Touch Control', the virtual keyboard and the shuffle mode.


The MD-273 Network TV Media Player and the MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB will be available from September and carries the Sitecom 10 year warranty.


RRP € 319,99
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RRP € 119,99
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About the MD-273 Network TV Media Player
The MD-273 Network TV Media Player is a stylish media player that brings digital files, such as films, music, photos from the home network onto the TV. The MD-273 supports full HD (1080p) and online services, such as YouTube, Picasa and Flickr.

About the MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB
The MD-272 HDD TV Media Player 2TB is a versatile media player and ideal for users who want to access files on the network or the integrated hard disk. Thanks to the innovative features of the MD-272, such as support of online services and the free Media Remote App, users have access to all kinds of digital entertainment in full HD quality.

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