Sitecom launches Wi-Fi homeplugs

With the new Wi-Fi homeplugs from Sitecom users can utilize their existing electrical wiring to turn any power outlet in the house into a wireless hotspot, ideal for connecting Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as tablets, smartphones and notebooks.

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), July 2012 - Sitecom introduces the LN-521 Wi-Fi Homeplug 200 Mbps and the LN-531 Wi-Fi Homeplug 200 Mbps Combo Pack. The Wi-Fi homeplugs make it easy to extend Internet access throughout the home using the existing electrical wiring and to turn every power outlet into a possible wired or wireless connection. The Wi-Fi homeplugs are therefore ideal for areas with insufficient wireless coverage, creating a local wireless hotspot and providing easy wireless access for iPads, tablets, smartphones and laptops. With the integrated three port switch, up to three devices can be connected simultaneously to the Internet using a classic network cable such as a desktop PC, game console or any device not equipped for wireless Internet. With the LN-521 Wi-Fi Homeplug 200 Mbps with integrated 3 port switch an existing powerline network can be extended to connect additional devices to the internet. The LN-531 Wi-Fi Homeplug 200 Mbps Combo Pack is a combination of the Wi-Fi homeplug with integrated 3 port switch and a homeplug with integrated power socket. The combo pack offers everything users need to start-up a powerline network.

The Wi-Fi homeplugs provide ample bandwidth for a satisfying Internet experience with up to 200 Mbps transfer rates over the existing electrical wiring, up to 300 Mbps wireless speed and three Fast Ethernet ports for wired connections. The homeplugs provide a stable and reliable Internet connection which make them suitable for interruption sensitive applications like Internet calls, video chats or video streaming.
The Wi-Fi homeplugs are fully plug-and-play and set-up in minutes without the need to configure or install any software. Users can create a secure, encrypted connection between the homeplugs with just one push of the security button. For wireless security, the Wi-Fi homeplugs come with pre-set security using an individual WPA2 password. A wireless device can be connected with one touch of the OPS (One Push Set-up) button. Through the four LEDs on the front of the homeplugs users can easily monitor the status of their connection and receive feedback about power supply, active connection between homeplugs, Wi-Fi & security settings and operating mode. Thanks to the compact size and neutral design, the Wi-Fi homeplugs blend in nicely with any surroundings and can be positioned anywhere.

RRP € 149,99
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RRP € 99,99
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The advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features of the Wi-Fi homeplugs prioritize the bandwidth requirements of data traffic and improve the quality of multimedia streaming applications by prioritizing video streaming and VoIP traffic. The LN-521 Wi-Fi Homeplug 200 Mbps and LN-531 Wi-Fi Homeplug 200 Mbps Combo Pack are compatible with other devices based on the same Homeplug AV standard. The Wireless N standard is also backwards compatible with Wireless G and B devices. Just as all the other homeplugs from Sitecom, also the Wi-Fi homeplugs feature a stand-by mode that helps the user to reduce the energy consumption by approximately 60%.

The new LN-521 Wi-Fi Homeplug 200 Mbps and LN-531 Wi-Fi Homeplug 200 Mbps Combo Pack are available now and come with the extensive 10-year Sitecom warranty.

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