Make any Smart TV wireless with the new Universal Wi-Fi Adapter from Sitecom

Sitecom’s new WLX-2004 Universal Wi-Fi Adapter for Smart TV turns any Internet-ready TV into a Wi-Fi-enabled TV and makes getting connected to the wireless home network and accessing web services fast and easy.

Rotterdam (The Netherlands), September 2012 - The new WLX-2004 Universal Wi-Fi Adapter for Smart TV allows users to bring their Wi-Fi network to their HDTV. As the availability of streaming services and TV apps is growing, the WLX-2004 helps users to get their TVs connected to their home network without having to rearrange their home theater systems or re-wire their homes. The WLX-2004 connects to the Ethernet port of the Smart TV and allows the users to access their Wireless-N home network. The adapter is fully Plug and Play (PnP), and requires no software installation or configuration. It is powered by a USB cable and can be easily mounted to the back of the Smart TV with the included Velcro sticker. Transfer rates up to 150 Mbps supply sufficient bandwidth for a satisfying wireless experience.


WLX-2004 Universal Wi-Fi adapter for Smart TV
RRP 49,99


Unlike wireless adapters from TV manufacturers, the Sitecom WLX-2004 Universal Wi-Fi Adapter for Smart TV works with all brands of Smart TVs. Moreover, the adapter is capable of working with any other device with a Ethernet and USB port available, such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray player, media player and home entertainment systems and allows for versatile usage.

Banish cables and wires
With home theaters, aesthetics are often as important as functionality and the tangle of wires and cables can be very distracting when trying to enjoy a good movie. With the WLX-2004, Sitecom is introducing an easy solution to simplify and streamline the home theater setup. The Universal Wi-Fi Adapter is powered by USB, so there is no need for a long wire to the power outlet which makes it more visually pleasing. The compact size of the adapter makes it possible to mount the adapter to the device and leave no trace.

One Push Set-up
The WLX-2004 Universal Wi-Fi Adapter for Smart TV supports the latest WPA2 security protocol to integrate the connected device into a secure home network. The OPS (One Push Set-up) button allows the user to create a secure wireless connection with the router at the push of a button.

Sitecom’s new WLX-2004 Universal Wi-Fi Adapter for Smart TV is now available and comes with the extensive 10-year Sitecom warranty.



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